Silverback – III

“III” is the third solo album from Silverback and is released on the 16th May 2024. Once again the album consists of twelve songs, of which one is a cover. The genres are mainly jazz oriented, seasoned with soul/ gospel and traditional styles.

About the album

Most of the songs are new, but some were composed for Ronny Coolcat Band and one is from the “Den Onde Greven“-album. The old songs have new arrangements, are remixed and remastered. Except for “Guljakkevise”, all lyrics are in English. As a novelty, Arne Aalen joins us from beyond with a “guest” appearance on said song.

All the music and lyrics are written by Petter, with the exception of “The Entertainer”, which is a cover song written by Scott Joplin.

Recording, mix and production are done by Petter/ Silverback.
A little preview:

Contributing artists

  • Silverback/ Petter Horntvedt – Lead and backing vocals, lead and backing guitars, bass, piano and keys, drums/ percussion, harmonica, trombone and kazoo
  • Ronny Coolcat Thorud – Lead Guitar (7), Backing guitar (1,2,7), kazoo
  • Jan Thorud – Drums (1,2,7)
  • Arne Aalen – Lead vocals (5)
  • Terje Schrøder – Guitar (5)
  • Marthe Emilie Oppebøen – Piano (7)
  • Geirr Sethre – Backing vocals (1)