Silverback – Natural Born Wrangler

Petter has released the solo album “Natural Born Wrangler” under the artist name Silverback. The album contains songs he composed for Ronny Coolcat Band as well as new original songs. The album was released 16th May 2022 and contains 12 songs.

About the album

All melodies, lyrics and wind arrangements are written by Petter Horntvedt, except “Teenage Love” and “Akron Oh Yeah”, which includes Ronny Coolcat and Jan Thorud as contributing composers.

Recoring, mixing and production is made by Petter/ Silverback


  • Petter Horntvedt – Lead vocal, backing vocal, bass, backing guitar, lead guitar, piano and keys
  • Ronny Coolcat Thorud – Lead guitar (4, 5, 10), backing guitar (2, 4, 5,10)
  • Jan Thorud – drums (2, 4, 5, 10)
  • Horny HornsTrumpet: Brit Eggen, Mats Olsen, Tom Tollefsen; Alto sax: Per Arne Munthe, Alexander Revaldsen; Tenor sax: Johan Ekstrøm, Stian Rødset, Hilde Åse Andresen; Baritone sax: Odd Arnestad